St. Paul's United Church of Christ
Project 16:7


We serve as members of the Kingdom of God, and no place is unworthy of seeing God's workers in action.  As a community, Evansville, IN is facing problems that are typical of cities across the nation.  Homelessness, lack of health care options, drug use, children not having stable family lives or role models, parents not being able to raise their children and work at the same time - these are all common symptoms of a broken world where God's love is often hard to see.  While it is the hope of St. Paul's UCC and the Project 16.7 team that the groups we bring in can learn from their experiences here, our main desire is to see God's light brought into situations that may appear hopeless.  As such, you might find yourself working for a ministry that reaches out to the unique population suffering from HIV/AIDS, or maybe you'll be at the Food Bank, labeling donated cans that can then be given out to needy families.  Our groups have worked in child care, food prep and service at homeless shelters, individual's homes, and various outdoor/landscaping projects, all in an effort to bring a concrete example of Christ's service and love.  It is through service that we can best illustrate how Christ calls us to act, and by our actions we want this city to recognize the transformative power of the Gospel.